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the best tourist areas of tangier


Tangier is a unique coastal tourist town, with its historical and modern character, it has many tourist areas to satisfy all tastes. The MÉDINA The Tangier Medina has not lost its original charm despite having been modified by European influence over the past 140 years, particularly by the construction of housing for diplomats and European staff. It has the charm of the Arab Medinas and some walls have circular towers of Portuguese origin. we have a place for you! : house for sale at ...

how to find a good apartment for vacation


summer is always our favorite month of the year because it's one of the few times of the year we get to enjoy ourselves on vacation.    we travel to other cities and we see new places and Tangier should definitely be in your list. but this joy might get sucked by the frustration of finding a Place to stay in, especially with the fact that the hotels are so expensive so you better rent for a few days    so today I'm gonna share with you 2 tips to rent the best apartment in Tangier ...

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