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Buying and selling


This is the number one thing we’ve spent our lives doing They are a lot of benefits of working with an agency when buying or selling a home , apartment  , house ...etc but it's especially beneficial to work with “firstimmotanger”

There are a lot of struggles in the process of buying or selling a home and lot of people just can’t deal with all of that trouble and frustration especially when it comes to big purchases like real estate in a competitive city like tangier a small mistake can cost you a lot

Let me give you some examples :

  • • How can i value my property ?
  • • What paperwork should i prepare ?
  • • How can I increase the value of my property ?
  • • How can i find the best seller ?
  • • How can I negotiate in a deal ?
  • • How do I know that I have a good deal ?
  • • Where can i find the best homes to buy the city ?
  • • Where is cheap and where is expensive in tangier ?
  • • How can I contact the seller ?

All this question leave you with a lot of doubt and frustration and that why firstimmotanger is here to fix that painful problem

  • • We do the research for you if you wanna buy 
  • • We value your property based on the market right Now
  • • We make sure you get the best deal
  • • We negotiate for you
  • • We take care of all the paperwork

No More frustration troubles and problems we make sure everything is good and we guarantee a smooth transaction with happy sellers and buyers

  • 84, Boulevard Mohammed V

  • 3rd floor, Office No. 8 - Tangier