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the four steps to choosing your investment in morocco.

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It is too often that foreigners, who wish to buy real estate in Morocco, find themselves not knowing where to start. They get lost between the different prices and tariffs of real estate, and do not know what is the best option for their situation.

Whether as tourists or expatriates, it is important to know the main steps before proceeding with your real estate investment in Morocco. You will learn how to budget correctly by deducting how much money you can claim, and then you will learn about the financial assistance available for real estate investment in Morocco.



The budget is the first step to remember before making your real estate investment in Morocco. It will help you understand what you can claim to buy a property, and who would offer the best prices.

It is important to know that there is financing for real estate investment in Morocco which limits the amount you can spend, but you should also take into account the cost of property taxes and maintenance fees that will come. add to the initial amount.


Financial aid

for real estate investments in Morocco

If you are a tourist or an expatriate, you can benefit from the financial assistance of Morocco. Your stay in Morocco can be free, and only pay the cost of transport and accommodation.

Why does the law allow it? Because the sovereign wants to attract foreign tourists who come in droves every year.

This financial assistance is called "Visa Diamond", which is worth € 400 per year over a maximum period of 5 years. With this visa, you do not have to resort to banks to obtain financing for your real estate investment in Morocco, and it does not cost the buyer anything. You just need to have a certain amount in your bank account to buy the property in Morocco

Real estate investment in Morocco

To get an overview of the specificity of real estate investment in Morocco, you should know that the process is longer and more restrictive than elsewhere. This is all due to the very strict land regulations.

There are 3 main criteria to obtain your building permit in Morocco:

- The type of property being purchased;

- The area where the property is located;

- The occupation of the property being purchased.

If you want to buy an apartment, for a main, individual or family residence, it will be very simple since you do not need a permit or rental grant. You will be free to exercise your professional activity on the premises. However, if you wish to do


Whatever your real estate project, your budget is essential. The first step in choosing your real estate investment in Morocco is to determine your budget.

To get financial aid, you must be eligible for financial aid for real estate investments. You are not eligible if you are over 75 or already own a home.

There are different types of real estate investments in Morocco. Residential real estate investment, real estate investment for professional or commercial use, real estate investment for tourism, real estate investment in Morocco for agriculture or forestry.

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