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how to choose the furniture for your living room?

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The living room is considered the most important room in a dwelling, especially for our traditional society. Hence, you must choose the furniture for this corner in a house to give comfort and conviviality to your family and your visitors. For this you must respect certain criteria of choice to have a suitable salon with your expectations. So what are their criteria?

Living room materials to choose from:

Choosing the materials for your living room is a thoughtful act that should take your attention before buying. In the market, you have several models;

 Lacquered composite wood: it is easily scratched. Regarding the maintenance is regular, quickly visible traces and dust.

Solid wood (oak, cherry, acacia, teak): which is characterized by resistance, a very long lifespan, heavy material and robustness. But it is a bit expensive. You can perform wax or oil maintenance on a regular basis without any problem.

Particleboard: is characterized by brittleness, average lifespan and cheap price in relation to quality. To carry out the maintenance, it is very easy with soapy water or a wipe.

Clear Glass / Tempered Glass: Glass is brittle and fragile so the service life is very short. You can maintain this material with a window cleaner.

Metal: among them are characteristics; resistance, heavy weight and maintenance is not regular.

The sofa to choose:

This is a necessary purchase for a salon, which requires a significant budget. But, it is essential to respect certain elements to have to procure this material among them; the number of people living in the household, the size, the space available, the upholstery, the quality of the seat, the backrest, the upholstery.

In order to buy a sofa, you have several options;

U-shaped sofa: If you are a family of five or more, this is the best choice for you. But, it requires a lot of space.

The right sofa: this is material for a small living room for three to four people.

The fabric sofa: is characterized by fragility, low price but difficult to maintain.

The microfiber sofa: to maintain it is very easy and also very comfortable.

The sofa in imitation leather or genuine leather: among it is a long service life and easy maintenance.

The corner sofa: with modular chaise longue, for six or more places.

Choosing a coffee table:

It is an important element in a living room to store objects such as glasses, remote controls, books or to have an aperitif with friends.

Before purchasing a coffee table, we recommend that you consider the following criteria; size, shape, options (a light function or recessed spotlights), materials (you have the choice between metal, glass, solid wood and its derivatives).

Choosing a TV cabinet:

A living room without a TV screen is nothing.

You can choose your TV, depending on the intended space and the characteristics of your living room. For example, if you have an imposing sofa, then you should not take a small TV cabinet.

You have to take care of buying wall arrangements which is the current trend and also you can buy storage to put your books, DVDs or Box.

Choose a style and accessories:

It is essential that the accessories of your living room coincide with the style of your home. There are actually six styles to choose from; traditional, modern, industrial, design, rustic or Scandinavian.

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